Harvey Mudd College: Literature 117

Useful Links

The following sites can help you with course content, group reports, and preparing for the study tour.
  • The Victorian Web - A good, general resource for Victorian authors, history, and technology.
  • The Dickens Project - A scholarly site with numerous useful resources.
  • The Charles Dickens Museum - Well worth a visit while you're in London.
  • US Passports - Here is the State Department's site with information on how to obtain a passport.
  • Travel Insurance - We do not recommend any particular company, but a few of the students on the last trip booked through this one.
  • The Celtic Hotel - Our London home for the tour.
  • London Walks - This is a link to the top walking tour company in London.  The guides are excellent and very professional.  We expect London Walks to take us on three custom Dickens walks while we're in London, but they also offer lots of other chances for perambulating the City, and their cost is very reasonable, so don't hesitate to join up with one of their tours.
  • The Eurostar site - This will give you the timetables and rates for a rail trip to Paris.  Be sure to look for "real" fares and not the super restricted ones with rules that no breathing human being can possibly satisfy.
  • The National Rail site - At this site you can figure out times and fares for rail travel within the UK.
  • The BBC's weather site - From this site you can look up the current weather and the five-day forecast for just about any place in the UK.
  • London pub guide - This site locates and gives you some particulars for most of the significant pubs in and around London.
  • The London Transport page - This page contains the details for getting around London on public transportation.
  • The London Eye - You can book a "flight" on the London Eye from this site.

If you run across cool sites that might be of interest to folks going on the tour, pass them on using the e-mail link below and we will add them to the list.

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