Harvey Mudd College: Literature 117

Things to Do and Places to Go When You Have Free Time

We have allotted a considerable amount of free time during the study tour, and below you'll find some linked suggestions about what you might do, in and around London, with all those superfluous minutes. And, of course, you will have two consecutive free days that you can use for touring. If you're really adventurous (and if your wallet is relatively full), you might even consider taking a train to a relatively distant place, booking a room, and spending the night. (Doing so, we should note, will not reduce the accomodation costs for the trip.) You could consider:
  • Bath, for fans of Jane Austen, Roman baths, and Regency architecture.
  • Cambridge or Oxford, what real university towns are supposed to look like.
  • Canterbury, historically important and with tons of Dickens associations.
  • Durham, with a great Norman cathedral and a fascinating castle.
  • Paris, one of the great cities of the world--accessible by Eurostar and "The Chunnel."
  • York, the "Erboracum" of the Romans, with a brilliant medieval cathedral and a largely intact city wall.
...just to mention a few possibilities.

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