Course Assignments
SS147s Enterprise and the Entrepreneur


Here are some additional class materials for Enterprise and the Entrepreneur. Material is added to this page throughout the semester. Sometimes old material is revised and changed.  Do not download this material for use until you have been instructed to do so in the class.


Reading and Review notes from Swanson and Baird:


Chapters 1, 2, and 3

Chapters 4 and 5

Chapters 7 and 8

Chapters 9 and 10

Chapters 11 and 12

Chapters 13, 14, and 15

Chapters 16, 17 and 18

Chapters 19 and 20



Discussion Assignments (these will be added as the semester proceeds, and in some cases will be tied to visitors):


DA #


Discussion date

Comments (if any)


Entrepreneurship motivational survey


Tuesday Sept 10

Complete this and bring it to class for voluntary discussion.


Should you be an entrepreneur?

Thursday Sept 12

Review this, think about it, and bring it to class prepared to discuss it.


The Nine Facets of Business: Polishing the Diamond

Tuesday Sept 17

Review this, think about it, and be prepared to be receptive about what your teacher has to say about it.


Discussion of the video assignment (see below and introduced in class)

Thursday Sept 19

This is introduced today and discussion will continue next week.


Aric Hunter

James Best

Ivan Wong

Olivia Warren

Briana Smith

Thursday October 17

You must review all of these, comment, and be prepared to vote in class! No exceptions.


Morgan Luckey

Travis Athougies

Kyle Siegel

Jason Yu

Spencer Harris

Thursday October 24

Again, review all of these, be prepared to vote on them as we have so far.


Jack Ma

Tom Ashmore and Yong Li

Ray Hurwitz

Fenxiao Chen and Shiwei Zhang

Thursday October 31

Although it is Halloween and we should be rampaging with The Dead we have to review these videos first. Please try to comment on the videos directly.


Gender Discrimination in Silicon Valley

and Funding Startups to Exit Part 1

(zipped old-technology PP sound file)

Also Thursday October 31

Read the first article and be prepared to discuss it in class. Then listen to the funding sound file.


Dustin Godevais

Lisa Lam

Joe Agajanian

Tuesday November 18

By now you know the drill.


Darrell Jones and Bichen Xu

Jean-Claude de Sugny

Vijay Ramakrishnan

Tuesday November 26

We gotta cap it today and move on.


Review material (stuff that I will be referring to in class):


The HMCEN Menlo Park Buzz video - I just want you to look at his for the first week so I can comment.

Greg Rae's talk at the HMCEN Menlo Park meeting - August 2013 (ditto)

The flyer for the HMCEN Seattle meeting on September 20, 2013 (because I need four of you to agree to go)


Major assignments (this is a carry-over from 2012, and will be refined as this semester proceeds):


        Product Proposal


Early in the course you are required to develop a product idea and pitch it to your peers in the class. The instructions for doing that are found here: Product Proposal Pitch Instructions


         Corporate Financial Design (Capitalization)


This is a complicated homework that is designed to show you how to design the capital structure of your startup given your strategic plans for fund raising and an exit. This homework requires you to (1) download an Excel zip file labeled Corporate Structure Design, then (2) download a homework assignment entitled Omsys, then (3) listen to a Video PowerPoint sound file labeled Capitalization Design.


You should download the Excel file first, open it and look at it, briefly read the homework assignment, then watch the Capitalization Design video. After watching the video, do the homework. Keep in mind that the Excel Corporate Structure Design workbook will also be used in class after you have formed your imaginary companies in order to design your cap plans for them.


         Video Pitches


As an experiment oriented toward future product and company pitches, both inside and outside (such as for the HMCEN) the context of this class, we experimented with some brief Video Product Pitches. If you are in the class, then you will be given email instructions about when to review these for class discussion. In these reviews, we not only want to judge the integrity of the product being pitched, as we do in the classroom pitches, but also with regard to the video as presentation, with the home of standardizing some recommendations for what a proper video pitch should include and how it should appear.


         Sales and Marketing Reading Assignment


This lengthy document is an four-hour lecture slide show that I converted to a text document in 2010. This is my best effort at providing a summary overview of how the young startup might approach the all-important task of developing a strategy for selling your product (marketing) and actually selling it. This is a generic overview. Because products differ so much then techniques to sell them most also differ considerably, but we have to start somewhere. Sometime in the second half of the semester this long chapter will be assigned for discussion.


Sales and Marketing (a chapter-length general reading assignment)


         The General Plan of Business


At the end of the semester you are required (as a team of 5) to write a general plan of business (which is a modified and simplified business plan). Here are the instructions for that assignment: Writing the General Plan of Business


Note: If time permits, Professor Evans will also add a video file entitled Business Plans to this section. Until then (or if it does not happen) an older-technology PowerPoint sound file is provided instead: Audio File of Business Plan Design.


         Business Plan Masters and Sample Business Plans


Below are two Excel workbooks in zipped format. One, ITS, is an example for an imaginary company called ITS. The other, Business Plan Master is a business plan master document that can be used to construct your projected income statement and balance sheet. That master is to be used in the preparation of the financial spreads of your business plan. Follow the instructions in the text file included with this set. This can be a very involved project and should involve your CFO and at least one other member of the executive team. You may have to consult with your instructor to complete this assignment. You have the option of including the pro-forma document at the end of your business plan.


ITS example

Business Plan Master

Hemlock Software 2010 sample class business plan - CEO contacted Prof E in 2012 about forming a related business

Pentagram Music 2010 sample class business plan that became an actual business

MoTravel 2008 sample class business plan

Join In 2012 sample class business plan


General Information for any Entrepreneur:


Provisional Patents A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) starter document for filing provisional patents.

Trademarks A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) starter document for filing trademarks.

[BBC Podcast MP3 format] 3D Printing (the future) broadcast January 2, 2013 by BBC Business Daily


Links to Edited Videos of Full Team Pitches from the Past


Hemlock Software 2010

Xun Software 2010

MoveSecure 2010

Pentagram Music Software 2010