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The Economics of Oil and Energy

Spring 2014 Course Material


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Welcome to HSA10 - The Economics of Oil and Energy


Here is my video welcoming you to my 2014 class! You can take a look and if you don't like what you see, maybe you can request a last-second transfer!


If you have to do it then I have to do it too:


Inflation and Deflation - Chapter 4 (My 2013 project).

Exchange Rates (My 2014 project)


Course Outline & Calendar

Course Outline and description

Course Calendar


Library Resources

A general online guide to library resources (that were or will be discussed during your research field trip to the library)

Asking for help in library research - different venues


Liberal Arts Reading (for the opening days of class - also see two-page essay assignment)

Discussion Guidance for Common Readings DGC (to be used to guide discussions for the four articles above on January 28 and 30)

Pippin, Robert, "Liberation and the Liberal Arts," LLA

Harvey Mudd College 1956 Pamphlet, HMC

von Stamm, Bettina, "Traditional MBA skill set is no longer enough," MBA

Gordon, Bernard M., "Capabilities of Effective Engineering Leaders," Version 3.6, June 2011  BMG


Graded Writing Assignments and Related Material

Two-page essay assignment (due in class in printed format for peer review on Tuesday, February 4)

Peer editing master sheet (used for peer editing assignments)

Mid-term Essay Paper Assignment (due Thursday, March 6)

Research Paper Assignment (due May 12, submitting a draft for audio review optional on April 24)

Research paper formatting instructions


Instruction Videos and Audios (and related material)

New 2014: Audio comments about the 2-page essay assignment

Audio comments about the 2-page essay assignment (... from 2013).

Converting nominal prices to real (inflation-adjusted) prices

Amortizing Fixed Cost Assets [video]

Amortization workbook [zipped Excel workbook designed to be used with Amortizing Fixed Cost Assets video above]

Solar chimney technology (La Paz project)

Southern California Public Power Authority La Paz Solar Tower Project [link to web site connected with Solar Chimney video]

National Public Radio Thorium Reactor Discussion (May 2013) NPRT


Books and Large Documents

Mackay, David, Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, SEW

National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee, draft report, January 2013  NCA  old

U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2013 - with Projections to 2040 AEO 

U.S. Energy Information Administration, International Energy Outlook 2013  AEI

U.S. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2014 early Release, AEA


New Feb 25  Samples of some 5-7 page Midterm Papers (useful as examples of formatting and topic)

Note: These were the rough drafts of papers that eventually got A grades, but were not necessarily the best that were turned in.

Spenser Anderson, "Carbon Taxes," 2013 (unrelated to his final paper, which is also below)

My audio response to Spenser Anderson

Jonathan Perez, "The Future of Coal in the Electric Power Sector," 2013

My audio response to Jonathan Perez

Nithya Menon, "Shale Gas: Short Term Band-Aid, not Long Term Cure to Energy Crisis," 2013 (final version of this paper was greatly improved from this)

My audio response to Nithya Menon

Natasha Allen (draft of the MT version of the final research paper listed below, as an example of a MT paper that became the research paper)


Student Classics (papers written by students previous years, referred to in the Bibliography)

Allen, Natasha, "The U.S. Market for Liquid Natural Gas: Better Out than In." Spring 2013 ANG

            [Audio response to Allen paper]

Anderson, Spenser, "Comparing Offshore and OnShore Wind," Spring 2013 SAW

            [Audio response to Anderson paper]

Choi, Joengwoo, "Prospects of Electric Vehicles," Spring 2011

Choi, Kevin, “Clean Electricity Generation,” Spring 2012 CEG

            [Audio response to early draft of Choi paper]

Clausen, William, “Economic Analysis and Future Prospects of Hydrogen Fuel,” Spring 2012  PHF

            [Audio response to Clausen paper]

Cook, Matt, “Electric Taiwan,” Spring 2012 ELT

            [Audio response to early draft of Cook paper]

Donelick, Andrew, “Cost Optimization for Geothermal Well Drilling,” Spring 2012 COG

Fiorentini, Vincent, "Vehicle Fleets can Benefit from Converting to Natural Gas," Spring 2013 VFF

            [Audio response to Fiorentini paper]

Klonowski, Joey, "Energy Use in Food Production and Transportation," Spring 2011 EUF

Lam, Sherman, "Economics of Thorium and Uranium Reactors," Spring 2013 LTR

Musselman-Brown, Audrey, "A Cost Analysis of PEM Fuel Cells and Photovoltaic Cells in the Home," Spring 2011 PEM

Park, Dong-hyeon, "The Cost of Implementing Wave Power in Hawaii," Spring 2011, WPH

Pinto, Stephen, "Feed-In Tariffs Can Help Research and Development," Spring 2011 FIT

Tierney, Patrick, "Comparing Nuclear and Coal Power Sources," Spring 2013 TNC

Viswanathan, Sneha, "Amortized Cost of Electricity from Solar Power Stations with Thermal Storage vs. Pulverized Coal Facility with Amine-Scrubbing," Spring 2011

Willey, Ariel, “Upgrading: Cost Comparisons of Three 1993 Appliances to 2012 Energy Star Models and Whether Switching is Economically Feasible,” Spring 2012 ESM


Team Video Presentations

Wind and Geothermal Team (2013) [rough edit]

Highlights of HSA Video Team Projects (2013)


Team and Supplemental Research Resources

Team Division Orientation (the original PowerPoint that outlined team divisions and initial goals)

EIA Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States 2009 (published March 2011)

Weight, Distance and Work (definitions and formulas linking Newtons, Joules, Watts, Amps, Volts, Ohms, and so forth) WDW

Active Transportation Beyond Urban Center [Bicycling] (huge list of references at end of document) BIKE

New: Pipelines  Team 2014 Project Texas Eastern Transmission [New pipeline Texas to East Coast with a lot of cost data]

New: Pipelines  Gas Pipeline Technology as Cost Estimate Parameters, Tokyo 22nd World Gas Conference 2003