Course Calendar
CGU EMGT 385 - Fall 2001
Mergers, Acquisitions and Valuations
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Week Date Chapter Lecture topics, discussion and assignments
     Section 1: Strategic Implementation of the Growth Plan
1 Oct 31 DP: 1,2
CG: 1,2,3
Introduction to class, primary issues in M&As, general business strategy, legal background and filing requirements.
2 Nov 7 DP: 3,4,5
CG: 4,5,6,8
Strategic evaluation and preparation for business combinations, assessment of targets, approach strategies, tender offers, identification of synergies, takeover problems, takeover defenses
     Section 2: Valuation and the Transition
3 Nov 14 DP: 7,8 Placing a value on the combination; Accounting issues, valuation, and bid analysis.
4 Nov 21 DP: 9,10 Getting the deal done; Accounting, financial, and marketing diligence, negotiations, more on means of finance.
     Section 3: Integration of the New Business and other Business Strategies
5 Nov 28 DP: 6,14
CG: 9,10,11
Making the combination work; Addressing corporate culture, settling differences in accounting systems, sales practices, management styles, product line overlaps, etc.
6 Dec 5 DP: 11,12,13 Other combination strategies: Divestitures, spinoffs, MBOs, LBOs, joint ventures, alliances
7 Dec 12   Oral reports.
Research paper due Dec 21