Economics 104
Financial Economics
Module 7 Real Estate

Complete these assignments below before the in-class portion of the final on Thursday, December 13.

Reading assignments and tasks

1.      [Assigned in Module 6] Please remember to read the informative book entitled The Lost Bank. We don't have a lot of time to cover the real estate collapse of 2008-2009 but this bookj will fill in much of the gap. It is about the failure of Washington Mutual Bank in the real estate collapse and the role they played. Before beginning the book, look at these Questions about the Lost Bank, which will give some focus to the reading and, equally important, one of these questions will show up on the in-class portion of the final, which will be given on Thursday, December 13.

2.      Read Chapter 10 Residential Real Estate as an Investment and a Place to Live

3.      Homework Assignment: You have a final homework assignment where you must download an Excel zip file labeled Maximum Mortgage Calculator and then refer to the homework assignment entitled Calculating Mortgage Payments and Calculating Maximum Loan Size and do the homework before the in-class portion of the final. There is an final exam question on this homework.