Economics 104
Financial Economics
Module 4 Put and Call Options (and retirement accounts)

Complete these assignments in the following order (due dates are shown where appropriate):

Reading assignments and tasks


The reading assignments should be completed by the end of the module.

  1. Immediately read Put and Call Options.
  2. As time permits in preparation for the next exam, complete the homework entitled Options Basics. This is not collected.
  3. After completing your homework about Options Basics above, check your answers with Options Basics Answers.
  4. By Saturday, October 20, review the video Lecture 8b the Aruba Options Model, which explains how to do the complicated Aruba Options Model Homework.
  5. After the fall break has ended, download the zip file for the Aruba Options Model, open it and extract the model, then begin the homework entitled Writing Covered Calls Using the Aruba Options Model. This is due in class for discussion on October 30, after the break.