Video Product pitches for SS147, Fall 2012


As an option to making in-class pitches, students were allowed to offer these video product pitches. All class peers will be asked to review these on review dates assigned in the class.


When reviewing them, use the same standards as was used for the in-class pitches when judging the products. It would also be useful if you could make a comment about the general quality of the presentation by video and the general quality of the video. We will also want to talk about whether video pitches are a feasible way of screening our crowdfunding pitches in the future, or for screening ideas on the HMCEN website.


When looking at these, feel free to use the comments spaces if those are available.


Eric Autry:


Modified for-profit Crowdfunding proposal:

Do you like his Portfolio investment idea? Small fee or small percent?


Jaclyn Olmos-Silverman:


The Modular Skirt:

Is the modular skirt a practical suggestion? It is certainly innovative?


Stephen Cefali:


Large-screen Bluetooth Display for Smartphone Video:

Do you tech engineers think that this is feasible? Why isn't Apple or Motorola doing it?


Richard Hsieh:


Parking Space Monitoring & Navigation:

Is this already being done (as a smartphone app)? A very clever idea if not!


Cuyler Sheffield:


App to Eat:

Another clever idea - food for trying an app? Can you see any downside??


Dustin Zubke:


Revival of Prof King's Energy Monitoring Program

(Although Mr. Zubke may not be aware that we started this a couple of years ago, but it died on the vine. It was then and still is now a great idea)


Danielle Van de Sande:


Meal Packs:

Aren't these everywhere already? Everything from frozen dinners to Weight Watchers? What is the differentiation?


Danielle Van de Sande:


            Ms. Van De Sande also set up this informative web site which I would like you to peruse. To her credit it has been active since established.