Senior Research Papers




Will Gannett

2.3 MB pdf file

Effect of Grain Size on Exchange
Anisotropy in Spin Valves

Stephanie Moyerman

3.5 MB pdf file

Magnetic Structure Variations in Spin Valves with Pico-Scale Antiferromagnetic Layers

Katy Perdue - 2005

1.1 MB pdf file

Giant Magnetoresistance and Exchange Bias in Spin Valves with Pico-Scale IrMn Antiferromagnetic Layers

Darci Snowden - 2004

13 MB pdf file

Magnetoresistance of Thermally Deposited Films

Joe Checkelsky - 2004

3.6 MB pdf file

Anisotropic Magnetoresistance of FexCo1-xS2

Adele Tamboli - 2004

1.7 MB pdf file

Probing the Spin Dependent Mean Free Path Using Giant Magnetoresistance

Zoe Boekelheide - 2004

612 KB pdf file

Anomalous Resistance of Ta/PtMn/Ta Thin Films

Nate Stern - 2003

1.0 MB pdf file

Exchange Anisotropy and Giant Magnetoresistance in Thin Film Spin Valves containing Ultra-thin IrMn Antiferromagnetic Layers

Brian Kappas - 2002

3.6 MB pdf file

Stripe Domains in Thin Nickel Films

Dave Cooke - 2002


David Mann - 2001

700 kB pdf file

Giant Magnetoresistance in IrMn/CoFe/Cu/NiFe Multi-layer Spin-valves