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STS – science, technology, and society or science and technology studies – is an interdisciplinary field devoted to the social and humanistic study of scientific and technological practices. The field includes anthropological, historical, critical, philosophical, psychological, sociological, and gender studies approaches, all applied to understanding the social and cultural construction, role, and context of scientific and technical (arti)facts.





American Anthropologist                                  anthropology

Computers and Society                                       science and technology studies

Configurations                                                     sts/cultural studies             

Current Anthropology                                        anthropology

ISIS                                                                         history of science

Knowledge and Society                                      sts/anthropology

Nature                                                                    current general science

Perspectives on Science                                     sts/philosophy

Science                                                                  current general science

Science and Culture                                             history of technology

Science, Technology, and Human Values       sts

Scientific American                                              general science

Social Studies of Science                                    sts

Society and Space                                               sts/geography

Technology Review                                            current general technology



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Websites STS links                       Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility                   American Anthropological Association, see especially CASTAC (Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing) and Medical Anthropology sections WWW Virtual Library for the

History of Science, Technology & Medicine with link to Society for Social Studies of Science



Courses @ HMC 2001-2002           


(you may want to look at existing course syllabi or ask professors for a preview, in order to find useful sources for your research)


Barney   STS 197 – The Digital Age (Spring 2002)

Barron                    Hum 2f – Technology and U.S. Society (Spring 2002)

Black                      Government 179B – Environment Politics and Policy (Spring 2002)

Black                      Hum 2i – Bloom or Bust: Gambling with Water in Arid California (Spring 2002)

Black                      (Fall 2001)

Black and               (Fall 2001)

Brodie                    Hist 179 – The Bomb: Social and Cultural History of Nuclear Weapons in the U.S. (Fall 2001)

De Laet                  Hum 1 – The Social Life of Objects I (Fall 2001)

De Laet Hum 2 – The Social Life of Objects II (Spring 2002)

De Laet                  Anth 179 – Introduction to the Anthropology of Science and Technology (Fall 2001)

De Laet                  Anth 179S – Topics in Anthropology. Life: Knowledge, Belief, and Cultural Practices (Spring 2002)

De Laet and Tanenbaum STS 114 – Social and Political Issues in Technical Projects (Spring 2002)

Feenberg               Phil 179 – Philosophy of Technology (Fall 2001)

Feenberg               Phil 179S – Philosophy and Computing (Fall 2001)

Groves                   American Studies 115 – Print and American Culture (Spring 2002)

Olson                     Hum 2 – Science and Technology from an “Other” Point of View (Spring 2002)

Olson                     History 179S – Science, Politics, and Religion in Early Modern England (Spring 2002)