Date Topic Read Terms and Concepts Do Milestone
9/2 Introduction     Begin process of choosing advisors and select thesis/paper topic  
9/9 Origins Kuhn Paradigm; teleology Hand in commentary (Only for thesis writers) Hand in 2 readers' names and brief justification of your choice
9/16 More origins; Reality and Representation Rest Kuhn; handouts Science in Context Reflexivity Hand in commentary  
9/23 (Social) Construction Berger and Luckmann Contained Relativism Hand in commentary

(All) hand in 1-2 page statement on your paper/thesis that adresses the following questions:

what is the topic of your thesis/term paper?

what question will it address?why is this an interesting question?

Why should anybody care?


Knowledge, Methods, and Data

Wittgenstein and others (handouts)   Hand in commentary

(Thesis writers only):

Hand in thesis advisor name; by this time you have met with your thesis advisor and asked for her/his advice (take notes!) on:

1. strategies for honing topic; 2. primary and secondary resources; 3. timeline for research and writing

10/7 Representation Latour (handout), Turnbull   Hand in commentary

Thesis/paper prospectus due; be prepared to present next week

10/14 Presentations    

Address the following topics: 1.what question will you be addressing? 2.what body of data will you use? 3. how will you collect the data?

10/21 FALL BREAK        
10/28 Representation revisited Hacking   Hand in commentary  
11/4 Practices Latour & Woolgar   Hand in commentary

Literature review due.

The literature review surveys what previous researchers have had to say about your topic. Include an extensive, annotated bibliography. Use a standard ducumentation style, such as APA

11/11 Practices Pickering (handout)   Hand in commentary  
11/18 Practices Foucault   Hand in commentary First draft of introductory chapter of thesis or thesis prospectus or complete term paper due. At least 15 pages, double spaced; includes the eight points (see description in guidelines)
11/25 Frameworks Mol (handout)   Hand in commentary  
12/2 Individual meetings ... ... to discuss first draft      
12/9 Wrap     Hand in comments on course Final version of chapter/prospectus/term paper due