STS 190 Senior Integrative Seminar

The seminar reviews a selection of core texts in Science, Technology, and Society Studies. In the weekly seminars we discuss these texts in depth, with an eye on their philosophical and methodological underpinnings and with the aim to understand how, in dialogue with each other, these texts shape the field of STS. The course covers a broad orientation on the theory, frameworks, and origins of STS. It is a required capstone of the senior year for majors in the intercollegiate STS program, preparing you for the thesis writing process in the spring semester. Others who take the course will complete it with a substantive term paper.

Topics to be covered: Scientific and Technical Change, Representation and Reality; Relativism, Materialism and (Social) Constructivism; Brains and Bodies; Science and its Public; Technology Transfer and the Travel of Scientific Knowledge.

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