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Our premise is that technology and science are social practices. These practices do not exist in a vacuum; they are human endeavors and, therefore, by nature culturally shaped. These practices are done in a social, material, and economic environment. While the work of science and engineering is shaped by the social and cultural world in which it takes place, the products of science and engineering facts and technical artifacts have a profound impact on this world: they have material, environmental, and social consequences. But how far do these consequences reach; how, exactly, do interactions between science, technology, and society shape each of these realms? And, as scientists, engineers and scholars, can we influence or channel these interactions and do we have the responsibility to do so?

This seminar is a companion course to clinic projects. We offer you an opportunity to reflect upon your work as a scientist or engineer. Reading materials and class discussions cover interactions of technology and society, presented through exemplary case studies. In the course of the semester you prepare a significant research paper that analyzes political, ethical, environmental and/or (other) social issues that pertain to your clinic project.