Topics Schedule Spring 2004


January 19

MLK day no class

January 21



January 23

Orientation: How European is Europe?
maps exercise #1

January 29

Making Strange
Read Unpacking Europe Poshyananda, pp 278-289
Olaus Worm

January 28

Making Strange

Read Unpacking Europe Durham, pp. 290-293 and preface, 8-11

January 30

Making Strange

Read Unpacking Europe Hassan & Dadi pp.12-25

1st journal due

February 2


February 4

History and historiography
Read Unpacking Europe Bernal, pp. 26-41

February 6

History and historiography
Read Unpacking Europe
Chakrabarty pp. 178-195
Discussion of crossburning incident

Thesis 1st paper due; Thesis workshop

2nd journal due

February 9

Writing workshop

Topic: things to avoid; plagiarism
1st paper due for peer review

February 11

History and historiography continued

Discuss Chakrabarty, Durham, Bernal

February 13

1st paper due

no class (film "My beautiful Launderette" on 2/13 @6 PM)

February 16

Fragments and linarity: discuss My Beautiful Launderette; connect with Chakrabarty
no reading


February 18

Arabian Nights read introduction by A.S. Byatt

February 20



Read parts of your choice of Arabian nights

3rd journal due

February 23

Of circular and linear tales; Orientalism (read handout Said and obituary)

Escher's Relativity

February 25

Research workshop

Topic: finding and using sources
Refer to Said, pp. 15-20 "beginnings have to be made for each project in such a way as to enable what follows from them" 16); see also Hacker, pp. R 295-325

February 27

Parents day

Group exercise: Does Europe exist? Orientalism/Euro-ism

Maps exercise # 2 Peters and Mercator projections

4th journal due

March 1

Universalism and globalization
Read Mazrui in U.E., pp. 96-111

March 3

Continue discussion of censorship/Mazrui


March 5

Thesis and outline 2nd paper due; Thesis workshop

5th journal due

film "Elizabeth" on thursday 3/4 @7 PM
in Galileo Pryne

March 8

2nd paper due for peer review

March 10

Topic: Power

March 12

2nd paper due

no class

March 16

Spring break

March 18

Spring break

March 20

Spring break

March 22

Intro to colonialism; historical background

Read King Leopold's Ghost 1-50

March 24

The "scramble for Africa"; the "dark continent"

Read King Leopold's Ghost 50-100 Structure of the text;

evidence and argument: stories, letters, photo's, documents


March 26

no class -- Cesar Chavez day

no journal

March 29
Colonial Practices
Read King Leopold's Ghost pp 100-150
March 31
Collecting: bodies, resources and material cuture; the exhibit, the museum.
Read King Leopold's Ghost rest

April 2

Meet in Honnold library -- research paper workday

6th journal due

April 5
Connections: African and European Art


April 7
wrap up European/African colonial relations

April 9
no class (film "The Russian Ark" on 4/8 @ 7 PM, Galileo Pryne)

April 12

Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness intro

Debrief Russian Ark

Humsoc advising session

April 14
Cosmopolitanism and forgiveness part 1


April 16

Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness part 2

7th journal due; include thesis and annotated bibliography for research paper

April 19

Research paper workday

April 21

Research paper due for peer rev

April 23

Research paper workday

April 26

Research paper findings/discussion: describe your paper topic, addressing how tyour research adds to the body of knowledge on "Unpacking Europe"

April 28

Research paper findings/discussion continued

April 30

Wrap-up, evaluations

Research paper due in class
Complete journal due 5PM