In this course we take a hands-on anthropological approach to science and technology. I invite you to act as an anthropologist for the duration of the semester, and to explore the academic environment in which you live as if it were a strange, foreign culture. Looking at science and technology as cultural phenomena that operate in a societal context, we will explore three themes: (1) science and engineering are done and changed by humans and are [thus] subject to social and cultural conventions; (2) science, engineering, scientific knowledge, and technical objects are at the heart of the world you know; they have profound but often unforeseen and uncontrollable impacts on the ways in which we reshape the world as we live it - including ourselves; (3) anthropological and other social sciences help us manage these impacts. By the end of the semester you will be able to use core concepts and methods of anthropology, you will have a cultural understanding of your academic environment, and you will have further developed your awareness of the cultural and social contexts in which science and engineering take place.


This course is listed as an IE and is crosslisted with STS
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