Eight points to observe while construing your thesis

1. What is the topic?
2. What question will you be asking in your thesis?
3. Why is it an interesting question? Why should anybody - member of the public, STS professor, student writing a thesis in another department - be interested in your topic and question?
4. What body of data will you use in answering your thesis question?
5. What have previous authors had to say about your topic? If they have not had anything to say, why not? If they have had lots to say, how do you expect to add to this conversation?
6. What are the limitations of the study (e.g. interesting issues that are outside the scope of the project, or possible criticisms of the methodology; all studies have limitations; it is best to be clear about them at the outset).
7. How do you expect to answer the question in your thesis? That is, how will you argue your thesis?
8. Bibliography