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Information about Bending Space for electronic tape, robot choreography, and computer video

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Duration: 6:00

Bending Space was written for a collaboration with robot choreographer Margo Apostolos and computer animation expert Richard Weinberg. This was part of a robot "ballet" here seen without the live robot used to dance the piece and move in unison with its image on the screen. Points in space are used both in the choreography and the compositional process, much as we may view stars either as individual points of light, or an overall wash of shimmering night sky. The music largely uses drones to suggest this expansiveness, where different harmonics which are included in the tuning system are resonated, whether within a tuba at the beginning or a litany at the end.

Recordings: On The Terrain of Possibilities, available from the EMF label. For ordering information, see the EMF CD distribution site, CDeMusic. A cassette version as well as the CD are also available from the Just Intonation Network and the Creative Musicians' Coalition.

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