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Information about Rubber Time

Trumpet, electronic keyboard, electronic and acoustic percussion.

Duration: c. 10:00

Rubber Time is a phrase Indonesians use to jokingly refer to that culture's rather laid-back attitude about appointments, schedules, and deadlines. I don't know whether it's my interest in the gamelan music of Indonesia or a coincidental part of my own nature, but that concept seems to have persistently asserted itself during the composition of this piece. The beats themselves in this work have a rather elastic quality. It is dedicated to Linda and Pierre Michelou, who commissioned it and who bravely fought down its rhythms.

Major Performances:

  • October 1997, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California
  • November 1997, Harvey Mudd College

    Here is an excerpt from the score. Time signatures are given by the symbols at the top instead of conventional numbers. The percussionist is playing a mallet controller.

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