Mus 88: Intro to Computer Music -- Listening List

Part 1

1. Clara Rockmore, Theremin: Tchaikovsky, Valse Sentimental (example of the theremin, an early electronic instrument) 2:08
2. Pierre Schaeffer : Etude aux Chemins de Fer [Etude for Trains] (1948)--Example of early musique concrète. 2:50
3. Karlheinz Stockhausen: Studie I (1953)--Example of additive synthesis in a "classical" analog studio). 8:46
4. Tod Dockstader: Apocaplypse, Part 2. (1961)-- Example of musique concrète. 2:01
5. United States of America (Joseph Byrd): "American Metaphysical Circus" (1968)-- Example of musique concrète, analog synthesizer, ring modulation. 5:00
6. Art of Noise: "Paranoimia" from In Visible Silence (1986)-- Example of early digital sampling. 4:51
7. Marcus Satellite (Marcus Hobbs): I Love (2004). 8:15
8. Jean-Claude Risset: Excerpt from Mutations (1969)--Example of additive synthesis, early computer music; see Dodge and Jerse pp. 108-109. 4:55
9. A. Wayne Slawson: Variation 3 from Colors (1981)--Example of subtractive synthesis, see Dodge and Jerse, pp. 194-199. 1:55
10. Louis and Bebe Barron: excerpt from Forbidden Planet (1956)--Example of analog modulation. 2:19
11. John Chowning: Stria (1977)--Example of FM synthesis; see Dodge and Jerse pp. 135-138. 17:04

Part 2

1. Morton Subotnick: Excerpt from The Key to Songs (1985) with the California EAR Unit--Example of FM synthesis with acoustic instruments. 10:13
2. Iannis Xenakis: Pithoprakta (1956) Lukas Foss cond. Buffalo Philharmonic --Example of algorithmic composition; see Dodge and Jerse pp. 375-379. 8:50
3. Trevor Wishart VOX-5 (1986)--Example of phase vocoding synthesis. 6:01
4. Paul Lansky: Excerpt from Six Fantasies of a Poem by Thomas Campion (1978)--Example of linear prediction synthesis; see Dodge and Jerse, pp. 240-241. 3:04
5. Tobias Enhus: Electric Priest (2000)--Example of voice synthesis with FOF. 2:50
6. Jean-Baptiste Barriere: Chreode I (1983)--Example of FOF, see Dodge and Jerse pp. 271-272. 9:26
7. Paul Lansky: Idle Chatter (1985)--Example of LPC, granular synthesis; see Dodge and Jerse, pp. 273-274. 9:34
8. David Jaffe: Excerpt from Silicon Valley Breakdown (1982)--Example of Karplus-Strong algorithm/physical modeling. 4:45