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Information about Time Auscultations for electronic tape and robot choreography

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Duration: 8:30

Time Auscultations was written for a collaboration with robot choreographer Margo Apostolos of Los Angeles. "Auscultations" is the act of listening to internal organs, in this case the "organs" or internal motors and joints of the robot used to "dance" this piece. These mechanical sounds were digitally recorded, and the computer modifications of these sounds formed the basis for the music. This work also uses timbres based on Indonesian gamelan instruments and a tuning system which is "just" or based on the harmonic series found in the acoustics of natural sounds.

Recordings: On The Terrain of Possibilities, available from the EMF label. For ordering information, see the EMF CD distribution site, CDeMusic. A cassette version as well as the CD are also available from the Just Intonation Network and the Creative Musicians' Coalition. This piece is recorded on Rational Music for an Irrational World as well, also available from the Just Intonation Network.

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