Claremont Colleges Writing Centers Mellon Grant Workshop


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Table of Contents

Claremont Colleges Writing Centers Mellon Grant Workshop 

Overview of Workshop 

Overview of Writing Centers’ Mellon Project 

Underlying Principles 

Support for Faculty 

Support for Students 

Support for Writing Centers 

Before You Begin: Assessing Practices 

Pedagogical Basis 

The Writing Process 

Technology Tools Defined 

Users of Technology-Based Writing Tools 

Using Technology to Facilitate the Writing Process 

Prewriting: Choosing and Narrowing a Topic 

Prewriting: Gathering Information/Discovering Ideas 

Prewriting: Organizing Information 


Getting Feedback 



Issues for Professors 

Assigning Writing via Technology 

Evaluating Writing via Technology 

Points to Remember: Pedagogy 

Points to Remember: Technology 

The Discovery Zone: Activities to Try

Author: Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges 


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