HMC Wireless LAN Info Center

Card Registration

In order to register your network card, send a blank e-mail to, fill out and reply to the returned form. After the form is received and confirmed, your access will be upgraded. This may take up to 2 business days, but is normally much faster. You will not receive any specific response to this request, it will just start working.

Coverage areas

The coverage area includes just about the entire campus. Its
probably easier to maintain a list of known 'holes'.

Current coverage areas at HMC include:
  • Beckman auditoria and vicinity
  • Galileo auditoria and vicinity
  • Parsons Engineering, most areas
  • Jacobs/Keck labs and classrooms, most areas.
  • Platt Campus Center and Green Room
  • Platt Center Jay's place.
  • Hoch-Shanahan Dining Commons
  • Linde activity center
  • All Residence Halls, Lounges and courtyards.
  • Sprague Library, all areas
  • Student machine shops
  • Beckman CS conference and terminal rooms
  • Parsons HumSoc conference/classroom
  • Garrett House
  • Thomas Garrett classrooms and courtyard
  • Olin Science, all areas.
Additional coverage areas planned (known holes in coverage):
  • LAC gymnasium
If you find an area that lacks coverage,
please ask us about improving it.