Sample Publications

Steinberg, Paul F. Environmental Leadership in Developing Countries: Transnational Relations and Biodiversity Policy in Costa Rica and Bolivia, MIT Press, 2001.

The World Bank, World Development Report 2003: Sustainable Development in a Dynamic World, Oxford University Press, 2003. Contributing author.

Steinberg, Paul F., "Bridging Research and Practice in Global Environmental Politics," 2004, forthcoming in International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law, Economics.

Steinberg, Paul F., "Synergy Is Possible: State-Society Relations and Environmental Governance in Developing Countries," 2004, under review at Journal of Environment & Development.

Steinberg, Paul F., "New Approaches to Causal Analysis in Policy Research," paper presented at the panel "Multi-Methods in Qualitative Research," American Political Science Association Annual Convention, Chicago, September 2-5, 2004.

Steinberg, Paul F., "Understanding Policy Change in Developing Countries: The Spheres of Influence Framework," Global Environmental Politics 3, 1 (2003): 11-32.

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