Summer Research in Chemistry

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Much of our research program is supported by the National Science Foundation REU program.

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General Information for Summer 2007 Program:

The research program begins in the later part of May 2007 and runs for ten weeks. Participants will receive a stipend (depending on class year) , however we no longer offer a housing subsidy. Off campus students may receive a travel allowance depending on travel distance. Harvey Mudd College is a private, undergraduate college of science and engineering located in Claremont, California, about one hour east of Los Angeles.

Applications are due on and reviewed February 5.
Applications will not be accepted after February 23.

Off Campus Application
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2007 Research Projects:

Professor Brief Research Titles Extra information
Shenda Baker "Self assembly of nanoscopic structures from diblock copolymers; and synthesis and crosslinking of biologically relevent polymers for wound healing, control of solubility and hydrogels. Email Dr. Baker for more information.
Robert Cave "Theoretical Studies of the Electronic Coupling Element for Electron Transfer Reactions." We will use electronic structure theory to calculate wavefunctions characterizing the adiabatic states correlating with the initial and final states in ground-state and excited-state electron transfer reactions. These wavefunctions will allow us to extract the electronic coupling element, which is the quantity primarily responsible for the distance and orientation dependence of the rate of electron transfer. The specific systems studied are relevant to recent experimental studies of electron transfer in biology and nanoelectronics. Email Dr. Cave for more information.
William Daub "The synthesis of disubstituted lactams is readily accomplished via the amide acetal Claisen rearrangement of allylic alcohols and appropriately substituted amide acetals." The project for the summer of 2007 involves the determination of the stereochemistry of this process. Email Dr. Daub for more information
Karl Haushalter "Biochemistry of protein-nucleic acid interactions: Investigation the role of chromatin structure in DNA repair." Email Dr. Haushalter for more information.
Adam Johnson "Intramolecular catalytic asymmetric hydroamination of aminoallenes"
My research involves the design and synthesis of amino alcohol ligands with tunable steric and electronic properties in order to develop better organometallic catalysts for interesting organic transformations.
Homepage information is found here.
Research information can be found here.
Kerry Karukstis Fluorescence Characterization of Ternary Phase Diagrams of Aqueous Catanionic Systems. Determination of the Binary Phase Diagram of Alkyl Glucosides and Water. A joint project of Professor Van Hecke and Professor Karukstis. Group information is found here.
Research information is found here.
Gerald Van Hecke Liquid Crystals - syntheses, physical measurements, and calculations Email for more information.
Hal Van Ryswyk

"Experimental Studies of Metal Coupling in Metalloporphyrin Dimers and Trimers."
We use solid-phase organic synthesis, photolysis, and inert atmosphere (glove box) techniques to synthesize metalloporphyrin dimers and trimers. We study the metal-to-metal electronic coupling (the overriding term governing the rate of electron transfer between the metal centers) in these oligomers via observation of the near-infrared intervalence charge-transfer bands in order to make comparisons to predictions generated by Prof. Cave’s group using their recently developed Koopmanns’ Theorem – Generalized Mulliken Hush approach (KT-GMH) based upon semiempirical, Hartree-Fock, and Density Functional Theory-based calculations.

Group information is found here.
Research information is found here.
David Vosburg "Biomimetic cyclizations in organic chemistry: syntheses of spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory natural products;" and, "Developing new experiments for the organic chemistry laboratory: vancomycin-binding tripeptides and asymmetric organocatalytic oxidations." Homepage information is found here. Email Dr. Vosburg for more information.

Summer Schedule 2007

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