Harvey Mudd College OpenVMS Web Server

OpenVMS is Digital Equipment Corporation's flagship operating system. Capable of C2 security classification right out of the box, VMS is a mature, user friendly operating system. Digital Equipment Corp. was bought by Compaq Corp. in 1998, and later merged with Hewlett Packard Corporation. The development of OpenVMS continues under the HP banner.

Harvey Mudd has run Digital Equipment systems for many years, running VMS starting in the late 1970's. The current configuration is a mixed cluster of a three machines, 2 Alpha AXP's (this server is running on one of them), and a VaxStation. This system provides a wide variety of services to the students, faculty, and staff of Harvey Mudd.

This server is responsible for serving many departmental and personal home pages. The links to the pages served here are generally located elsewhere. You might want to try looking at the Harvey Mudd College Main Server if you haven't already.

The VMS at HMC page contains information about VMS on our campus. In particular it contains help documents for basic use of VMS, and pointers to other resources.

The VMS Server page contains information about this server and what features it has.

If you have any specific questions about the VMS Cluster, or you have something you would like to see included in these web pages, send mail to maintainers of this system by sending mail to user 'SYSTEM' at this address.

Here are some links to other VMS sites, documentation, and other on campus servers.